About Us
There lies a great challenge for driving school like scheduling of driving school appointments, maintaining and managing rerecords. With Driving School Automation this problem is solved as it allows the administration of driving school to happen easily and efficiently.

This is a software product of Cybrosys Technologies Pvt. Ltd., leading solution providers and expertise in product development. Our innovative, research and development team integrates the complex and tedious management work in driving schools to be managed efficiently and with latest work management features.

For the smaller driving school business this will streamline the entire process of booking students into their driving school appointments.

An important feature of the system is that it comes with built-in user access types. This means that you can control what users can access when they log into the site administration portion of the system. Examples of user access types are:

  • Limiting a driving school staff to only take student admission.
  • Allowing a front desk or answering service to see all student details, but have limited access to other parts of the system.
  • Allowing view-only access while restricting the ability to cancel or change entries.

Here are some additional features of the system:

There is no better software to help run your driving school business more efficiently than Driving Automation.

The software offers all the features and tools you'll need to operate and grow your driving school business with greater ease and organization. It's one business management software solution that does it all.

And, instantly answer your customers' or employees' questions in seconds with accurate information at your fingertips.