Main Features
  • Fully User Control
  • Full control on Fee settings
  • Direct Printing of Application Forms
  • Learning License Test (Same as Original one)
  • Tutorial for License Tests and General Driving


  • Adding new admission
  • Easy Editing Features
  • Can view status
  • Automatic Exam Notifications

RC/License/Conductor License

  • User controlled multiple service creation
  • Can view status wise
  • Easy Editing features

Fee Collection

  • Automatic fee collection possible according to application
  • All fee collection reports

Staff Management

  • Staff Adding
  • Staff salary payment

Company Vehicle management

  • Can store vehicle details
  • Loan Notifications
  • Day by day kilometer reading collection
  • Fuel details collection
  • Vehicle service details collection


  • Can create any account groups
  • Account summery at any time


  • Full reports on every type of data’s.
  • User friendly Search options.


  • Resemblances to original Learning tests.
  • Multi-Language Exam features.
  • Easy exam creation by user itself


  • Magnificent Tutorials for learning tests.
  • Tutorial on General Road rules and driving


  • Can set activities that are to be reminded.


  • Eliminates the need of paper works.
  • Efficient user management based on role.
  • Provides password and privilege facility for ensuring security.
  • Database Back up facility